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china chengtong and shanghai stock exchange renew strategic cooperation agreement

department of strategic development     2023-04-04         

on april 3rd, china chengtong and shanghai stock exchange signed a renewal of strategic cooperation agreement at the group’s headquarters. zhu bixin, china chengtong’s secretary of the cpc committee and chairman, and cai jianchun, shanghai stock exchange’s secretary of the cpc committee and general manager, held talks and signed the strategic cooperation agreement. huang jing’an, china chengtong’s vice president, attended the signing ceremony.


zhu bixin welcomed the visit of cai jianchun, and extended his gratitude to shanghai stock exchange for its support to china chengtong. he pointed out that china chengtong’s mission is to create a “reform toolkit” for quality-oriented development of state-owned enterprises, and china chengtong will continue to improve the “4 1” functional layout, which are fund investment, equity management, asset management, financial services, and strategic emerging industries cultivation and incubation. zhu stated that state-owned capital operating companies bear an important mission in the new round of deepening and improving state-owned enterprise reform. he hoped that two sides could make full use of their respective advantages and take the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement as a new starting point to strengthen communication and innovative cooperation in equity operations, bond financing, financial product innovation, and other aspects, jointly strive for quality-oriented development and promote the prosperity and stability of the capital market, thereby contributing to the preservation and appreciation of state-owned capital and the adjustment of the layout and structure of the state-owned economy.

cai jianchun extended his gratitude to china chengtong for its trust in and support to shanghai stock exchange, and introduced the business development and product innovation status. cai said that shanghai stock exchange has continuously improved the accuracy and accessibility of its services, and coordinated the development of “stocks, bonds, funds, research, reits” and international businesses in recent years, and some of its business scales have reached international leading levels, playing a crucial role in supporting the development of entity economy and technological innovation in the capital market. cai pointed out that he hopes both sides could seize the opportunity of the special action to improve the quality of listed companies of state-owned enterprises through practical cooperation by forming work teams to strengthen research, promoting the implementation of a batch of innovative products such as medium and long-term corporate bonds, multi-level reits, index funds, etc., so that both sides could better serve the capital market and the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, accelerate the optimization of state-owned economic layout and structural adjustment, and enhance the core competitiveness and core functions of state-owned enterprises.


in august 2019, china chengtong signed a strategic cooperation agreement with shanghai stock exchange, and achieved fruitful cooperation results. the renewal of agreement further strengthens the orientation of serving national strategy, serving the entity economy, and strategic emerging industries on the basis of previous agreement, and comprehensive cooperation is carried out in areas such as promoting professional integration, strengthening the cultivation of strategic emerging industry enterprises’ ipo, improving the quality of listed companies of state-owned enterprises, issuing corporate bonds, abs and reits, and promoting innovation in index and etf products, which is a continuous deepening of cooperation between the two sides.

china chengtong’s general manager assistant and relevant personnel from general office, legal and compliance department, strategic development department, chengyang investment, chengtong securities, shanghai stock exchange’s northern market service center, bond business department, and innovative product department participated in the ceremony.

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