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by 2020, state-owned enterprises will have formulated more mature and sound system for social responsibility management, who will have witnessed a significant increase in their ability to create economic, social and environmental comprehensive values. state-owned enterprises’ social communication ability and operating transparency will see a significant improvement over that process, and brand images and social recognition degree greatly improved. by that time, china will have nourished a fleet of well-respected enterprises recognized internationally leading the fulfillment of social responsibilities in their respective industries.

——excerpt from the guidance on the better performance of social responsibilities by state-owned enterprises issued by sasac

social responsibility


low-carbon & greenwe attach great importance to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, enhances fine management, quantizes energy conservation and emission reduction, integrating the quantity of which into examining systems in key enterprises. our producers intensify their efforts in technical updating. paper producers strive to raise standards in environmental protection, probe biological energy resources to reduce energy consuming. logistic enterprises make efforts to intensify the management in electricity and water saving, as well as low petrol consuming, and seek to develop green technologies.

dedication to societywe have actively provided supports to disaster-stricken areas, such as the 2009 snowstorm, the 2010’s drought in southern china as well as yushu earthquake in qinghai province in the same year. we took effective measures in the rescue and reconstruction after the may 12th wenchuan earthquake in 2008 to guarantee our staff's life and property safety. in the meantime, our logistic enterprises competed with time to provide emergent transportation aid to disaster areas and made irreplaceable contributions to disaster relief.

people-orientationsince 2005, through creating new positions, renewing contract by altering identities, transforming and redistributing, and establishing professional human resources management institutes etc., we have appropriately redistributed and settled 88,000 staff from 182 enterprises and solved rmb 80 billion worth of asset debt. we help safeguard every employee’s rights and have made great contribution to the construction of a harmonious society.

poverty alleviation & developmentadhering to the principle of ‘honesty, pragmatism, openness and innovation’, we have encouraged all our employees to take part in poverty alleviation work, and provided support to those who are in real need in accordance with the guiding principles of central poverty alleviation work conference. we have launched targeted measures in poverty alleviation campaign by identifying jiang hua yao autonomous county of hunan province and yiyang county of henan province as the recipients. over the years, we have invested over rmb 20 million in poverty alleviation funds, incubated and bred 30 poverty alleviation projects, and benefited more than 5000 people.


‘outstanding contribution unit award for new great wall educational poverty alleviation’ in 2012 by china foundation for poverty alleviation.
‘outstanding enterprises in social responsibility award’ by 1st and 2nd china annual corporate social responsibility forum in 2009 and 2010.
‘2009 outstanding central state-owned enterprises in social responsibility practice award’ by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission.

social responsibility report