zhu bixin met with cnooc chairman-9游会

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zhu bixin met with cnooc chairman

general office     2023-04-20         

on april 20th, zhu bixin, china chengtong’s secretary of the cpc committee and chairman, met with wang dongjin, secretary of the cpc committee and chairman of china national offshore oil corporation limited (cnooc). china chengtong’s vice president tong laiming, and wen dongfen, chief accountant of the cnooc, attended the meeting.

zhu bixin introduced china chengtong’s achievements in pilot capital operation, especially that in fund investment, equity management, asset management, financial services as well as the development of cultivation and incubation of strategic emerging industries. he stated that cnooc has gained uplifting achievements with the strategic goal of building a world-class enterprise in recent years, focusing on value creation in ensuring national energy security, realizing self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology, and supporting sustainable development. zhu pointed out that china chengtong and cnooc have good cooperative relations, and hopes that the two sides can strengthen cooperation in fund formation and investment, asset management, and other aspects, achieving practical cooperation and promoting quality-oriented development of both sides.

wang dongjin introduced cnooc’s accomplishments made in building a world-class enterprise, promoting scientific and technological innovation, green transformation, and striving to become the most reliable national strategic scientific and technological force in the field of offshore oil and gas. wang stated that china chengtong, as a state-owned capital operating company, has made contributions to promoting state-owned enterprise reform and quality-oriented development. wang hopes that both sides could deepen cooperation in fund cooperation and offshore asset management,to make contributions to safeguarding national energy security.

head of china chengtong’s general office, fund management department, cct fund, and sinoocean offshore assets management limited, as well as cnooc’s secretary of the board of directors, relevant personnel from finance and capital department, planning department, and cnooc international financing leasing company participated in the meeting.

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