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zhu bixin met with cofco corporation chairman

general office     2023-03-28         

on march 27th, zhu bixin, china chengtong’s secretary of the cpc committee and chairman, met with lv jun, cofco corporation’s secretary of the cpc committee and chairman. china chengtong’s vice president tong laiming, chief accountant chen yong, cofco corporation’s chief accountant su jian, vice president zhu ze attended the meeting.


zhu bixin pointed out that as a state-owned capital operating company, china chengtong bears the important mission of optimizing layout and adjusting structure of the state-owned enterprises. china chengtong has built a “4 1” business pattern of fund investment, equity management, asset management, financial services, and strategic emerging industries cultivation and incubation, comprehensively creating a “reform toolkit” for quality-oriented development of state-owned enterprises. zhu stated that as a leader in china’s agricultural and grain industry, cofco corporation has undertaken the responsibilities of state-owned grain industry, has deepened reforms and continued innovation to enhance its industrial chain control and influence in recent years, and has developed into a leading international grain merchant in the world. zhu hoped that both sides could deepen their cooperation in areas such as fund investment, and contribute more to promoting the quality-oriented development of china’s grain and oil industry while achieving mutual benefit and win-win development.

lv jun stated that as the largest state-owned agricultural and grain enterprise in china, cofco corporation strives to strengthen, optimize, and expand its core business of agricultural and grain production. by, aiming to maintain national food security, industrial chain security, and supply chain security, cofco corporation will continue enhancing global investment planning capabilities, improving industrial innovation level, and deepening the level of integrated operation, professionalism, and profitability. lv hoped that both sides could strengthen cooperation in areas such as fund investment, and assist the development of cofco corporation’s main business via capital operation methods, comprehensively reinforce and upgrade weak links in the industrial chains, and achieve common development through mutual empowerment.

head of china chengtong’s general office, fund management department and cct fund, and relevant personnel from cofco corporation’s office, strategy department, finance department, and cofco capital attended the meeting.

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